Client Groups


We have clients in the public, business and charity sectors that access the expertise of the partners in Harper Keeley; services we can offer to these sectors can be accessed elsewhere in our website. This section has been prepared to present the information with a more task centred focus, and contains a number of prospectuses which describe the range of services we can offer for a type of activity.   

Individuals, companies and organisations that are interested in the development of a specific technological or scientific innovation

Not for profit organisation, charity, social enterprise undertaking a major initiative which would have an innovative component


Small private sector, public sector or charitable sector organisations with a unique remit that requires additional specialist expertise in order to grow or maintain their business

Organisations or companies with a corporate interest in medical and health related research, innovation or commercialisation

Organisations, semi autonomous national regions and countries that recognise the need for leadership and management development associated with innovation

Investors and investment funds, organisers of conferences and workshops and individuals 

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