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Personal Profile


Over 40 years’ experience of working at the interface between Higher Education and the Medical and Healthcare Sector, formerly in research and project management at the University of Leeds and latterly in innovation and business development at Medipex Ltd and Harper Keeley LLP.  An experienced company secretary and executive and Non-executive director and mentor.


Relevant Qualifications & Courses:


University of Leeds, Leeds Business School Executive MBA (2004-2007) 

Awarded MBA with Distinction, Dissertation (Distinction) entitled: SMEs, E-business and Business Performance.


University of Leeds MBA Module Management Consultancy (2011)


Institute of Directors, London: Role of the Company Secretary Course (2012)


Membership of Professional Bodies & Awards:


Association for University Research and Industry Links (AURIL) (2005-2011)


Visiting Fellowship in the Faculty of Organisation and Management, Sheffield Hallam University (2009 – 2012)


Grant Reviewer:


Reviewer for the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) Knowledge Exchange Opportunities Scheme (nominated) (2010-2015)


Senior Member ESRC Peer Review College (Invited) (2015-2019).


Grants Awarded:


Co-applicant on 3 successful bids for Public Sector Research Establishment (PSRE) funding.  This funding came from DBIS, formerly the DTI, and it was a competitive, peer reviewed bidding process:


PSRE 2 - Establish a Proof of Concept Fund, co-applicants, Richard Clark, Ann Starkey Mike Smith £250k awarded (2004-06)


PSRE 3 To map the clinical expertise within the Yorkshire & Humber Region, co-applicants Richard Clark, Ann Starkey Terry Corbitt & Lyndon Judd £166k (awarded 2006-09)


PSRE 4 Continuation funding to further develop Medipex’s services, co-applicants Ann Starkey, Richard Clark, Professor Mike Smith. £593k awarded (2009-11) 


Yorkshire Forward Single Programme Agreement for a Business Development Manager to work with healthcare companies.  £179k Co-applicants Richard Clark & Ann Starkey (2009-2011)


Technology Strategy Board/Department of Health funded Knowledge Transfer Partnership with York University £130k Co-applicants Professor John Hutton, Richard Clark, Ann Starkey (Company Facilitator) (2012-2014)



Smith MA and Starkey AP (2010)

The Utilisation of Private Sector Governance Paradigms for the Development and Implementation of Innovations in the Public Sector

International Journal of Innovation Science,2(3), 104-111 


Starkey AP, Judd L, Clark R, Smith MA (2011) 

Development of an e-commerce Website for Innovations Emerging from a Public Sector Healthcare System  

International Journal of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation, 10, 375-391


Grange A, Rhodes, V, Starkey A (2012)

How to be a Creative and Innovative Practitioner (Chapter 5)  

Innovating for Patient Safety in MedicineEds R Lawton & G Armitage Sage 


Invited Case Study for Operations Management, Eds Peter Jones & Peter Robinson, Oxford University Press, March 2012.


Smith MA and Starkey A (2015)  

Innovation and knowledge transfer (Chapter 2.1) 

IOD The Growing Business Handbook 16thEditionConsultant Editor Adam Jolly, Kogan Page


Smith MA and Starkey A (2015) 

Lessons of innovation in medicine and health (Chapter 2.4) in  

IOD The Growing Business Handbook 16thEditionConsultant Editor Adam Jolly, Kogan Page




Part of the Syben delegation to New Yorkto present Medipex Projects & visit to Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology (CIMIT), Boston, to exchange ideas on technology transfer (January 2009)


BIO 2009, Atlanta World Congress Centre Georgia, USA,  Invited participant to the opening of New Bio-Incubator Centre at Georgia Tech University, Atlanta (May 2009)


Invited participant AMAA Second International Summit, Schloß Reinhartshausen, Eltville-Frankfurt, Germany (October 2009)


Session Chair Transatlantic Healthcare Investment Summit, Frankfurt Germany (November 2010)


Invited participantResearch Councils UK Conference: Big Ideas for the Future: Enhancing the University/Business Relationship, London (May 2012)


Keynote Speaker International Conference of Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare, University of Piraeus, Greece (July 2013)


Company Directorships and Secretary Posts Held:


Company Secretary Medipex Limited (Company No: 04421973)(2006 to date)


Director and Company Secretary MPX Developments Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary of Medipex Ltd, acting as a Corporate Directorship for Medipex spinout companies. (2008-2016) (Company dissolved 2016)


Company Secretary, Health Innovations Alliance Ltd.  A company set up by Medipex on behalf of the English Innovation Hubs’ CEOs to act on their behalf at National level. (2010-2016) (Company dissolved 2016)


Company Secretary, Elaros 24/7 Ltda Medipex spinout company established to deliver a LUTS care pathway through primary care (2012-2013)


Company Secretary, Leeds Solutions Ltd (Company No 08284455). A subsidiary company of Medipex Ltd established to develop the Leeds Solution (2012 to date)


Company Secretary Devices for Dignity Ltd (Company No 08550211).  Set up by Medipex on behalf of Devices for Dignity a Healthcare Technology cooperative, to deal with its commercial activities (2013)


Executive Director, Medipex Ltd (2014-2016)


Chair of the Health Innovations Alliance Ltd (2015 & 2016)


Non Executive Director, Medipex Ltd (2016 to date) 




Mentor to a full time MBA student undertaking his MBA project with Medipex (2007)


Mentor to a Yorkshire Enterprise Fellow.  The Yorkshire Enterprise Fellowship Scheme was funded by Yorkshire Forward and managed by YTKO to assist postdoctoral researchers learn the entrepreneurial skills necessary to help them create a viable business from their research (2008-2009)


Mentor for the Sheffield City Region dotforge AcceleratorScheme (2013-2016)


Mentor to a recently appointed Senior Manager in a Charity (2014-2016)


Mentor/advisor to a recently appointed senior executive (2017-2018)


Membership of Department of Health Initiatives and External Organisations:


Regional Management Board (Trent & South Yorkshire R&D group) (2005-2007)


The Bio2Work Project Judging Panel.  The Bio2Work project was set on behalf of the Regional Development Agency to help science undergraduates acquire the skills to work in industry (2007 & 2008)


The Research & Innovation Alliance for Health (RIAH) Knowledge Transfer Working Group & Executive Steering Group.  A regional group established by the Strategic Health Authority to develop and strengthen working links across the Healthcare Sector (2007-2008)


The National Innovation Centre Metrics Working Group.  A Group set up by the National Innovation Centre to develop a dashboard to provide a set of metrics to demonstrate the added value of the NHS Innovation Hubs to their various stakeholders (2008-2009)


Steering Committee Devices for Dignity (D4D) Healthcare Technology Co-operative (HTC) Programme, a Department of Health Initiative. D4D was one of two national HTC pilots set up by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) (the Research arm of the Department of Health) in 2008 (jointly with CEO) (2008-2013)


Board of the National Institute for Heath Research’s (NIHR) Collaboration in Leadership for Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) for West Yorkshire (2008-2014)


Board of the NIHR CLAHRC for South Yorkshire (jointly with CEO) (2008-2014)


Board of the Health Education and Innovation Cluster (Yorkshire) (jointly with CEO) (2010-2013)


Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership Health Technology Sector Group (2011-2016)


Chair of the Healthcare Strategy Board of the Transatlantic Chair of the Transatlantic Business Council’s Healthcare Advisory Board (2010-2013)


Board of NIHR Yorkshire & Humber CLAHRC (jointly with Co-CEO) (2014-2016)


Relevant Experience:


2013 to date Managing Partner Harper Keeley LLP  I set up Harper Keeley LLP with a colleague to pursue areas of work which are wider than the area of healthcare.  Activities include mentoring of senior staff in SMEs, Charities, and the provision of advice on HR and financial procedures.The provision specialist expertise in leadership and management in Research, Innovation and Commercialisation, generally working across the interface of these different activities. Harper Keeley also works internationally across a range of sectors including the public and government sector, the private and commercial sector, the education sector and the charitable and NGO sector.


2003-2016    Medipex Ltd in a variety of roles:  


Joint CEO & Director of Medipex Ltd (2014-16)


Deputy CEO (2008-14) 


Company Secretary (2006 to date) 


General Manager, (2003-08) 


I was part of the executive that set up Medipex in 2003.  Medipex is a not for profit company Limited by guarantee. It is an ISO 9001 certified company. Its members are NHS organisations.  Established as the NHS Innovation Hub for Yorkshire and Humber Region, Medipex has evolved into an Innovation Hub working across Yorkshire and the East Midlands with NHS organisations and nationally with Healthcare Companies and Universities. Medipex assesses innovations arising in the NHS or from NHS/University collaborations for commercial potential.  It puts in place appropriate Intellectual Property protection.  For those ideas with commercial potential, it identifies companies for licencing purposes or seeks investment to set up spinout companies.  Medipex also works with Universities and healthcare companies, undertaking market assessments for their products and identifying NHS partners as required. On leaving Medipex in 2016 I was invited to stay on their Board as a Non-Executive Director.


Key responsibilities of the Role: 


Setting the Strategic direction of the company with Co-CEO and Chair.


Setting and monitoring Staff KPIs.


Setting the budget and ongoing monitoring of income vs expenditure.


Corporate Governance:  responsibility for ensuring that all business processes meet legal and best practice standards.   Ensuring that all business processes are kept up to date to meet the ISO 9001 certification criteria. Establishing governance procedures for Medipex spinout/start up companies. 


Risk management:  identification of possible areas of risk for the company, the likelihood of their occurrence, steps to eliminate them or reduce their likely impact. 


Member of the company’s Finance Subcommittee, Remuneration Committee and Project Appraisal subcommittee. 


Management of NHS Membership and University engagement.


Advising NHS staff on IP strategies for NIHR, Research Council and Charity Funded grant applications, writing collaboration agreements and advising on IP protection for the outputs of successful grant applications.


Running IP Awareness Raising Workshops for NHS Staff.  


2000-2003 Research Manager and Senior Project Manager School of Medicine, University of Leeds:  


This post followed the amalgamation of the Research School and the Medical School into one entity. I was responsible for the Management of the Research Office team (4 staff), and the School’s research grant income (average £18 million pa) Setting up and managing all research related functions and processes within the School, including research staff interviews and appointments and signing off research grant applications on behalf of the School.  Other duties included:


Devising a questionnaire and collating responses from the Academic Staff to establish how much time was spent on teaching, research and clinical duties (response: 100 returns out of 101). Following on from this project, I project managed the rationalisation of joint posts with the recently formed NHS Hospital Trust from two local hospitals. Based on the retirement profile of jointly funded clinical academic staff, oversaw the development of a 10 year plan of clinical academic appointments to fit with the teaching and research strategies of the School.


Establishing key performance indicators to inform the School’s research strategy and the provision of research data inform to the process, with particular reference to RAE 2001. 


Management of the School’s RAE returns in its own Units of Assessment (1, 2 & 3) and the negotiated return of staff in an additional 7 UoAs  (4, 6, 10, 11, 13, 30 & 40).


Part of the Executive Team that established Medipex Ltd


1993-2000 Administrative Officer, then Senior Administrative Officer in the Research School of Medicine, University of Leeds:


I assisted the Faculty Dean in establishing the Research School of Medicine. My office worked closely with the R&D office of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and managed their research grants. I was responsible for the management of the School’s RAE returns in 1996.  I was project manager for large scale research projects and over-saw the transfer of the Northern and Yorkshire Clinical Trials and Research Unit from the Regional Health Authority into the University. I worked directly with the University’s HR Director on sensitive HR issues within the Research School of Medicine and was responsible for setting up and managing the processes for appointing research staff within the Research School.  These were later adopted across the University. Other duties included:


Secretary to the Faculty Research Board.


Elected Member of the School of Medicine promotions Group for support staff.


Member of the School of Medicine promotions Group for academic related staff.


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