Public Sector

Partners in Harper Keeley have extensive experience of working across the Public Sector, both with individual organisations, and in partnership arrangements, particularly at the Higher Education and NHS interface.   

Emphasis has been on creating an operational environment that will foster research and innovation, and also partnerships with the business sector and charities.

We have experience of working with the following organisations in the public sector: 

  • Universities in the UK from the various coalitions and groups (eg Russell Group, MillionPlus, University Alliance). We recognise that UK HEIs are not strictly part of the UK public sector
  • International Universities
  • NHS Hospitals and Medical Schools
  • Other NHS Healthcare providers
  • Regional development agencies throughout the UK and LEPs in England since the demise of RDAs in England
  • Government departments in UK and internationally



What we can offer:

  • Guidance on the organisation and management of research, innovation and commercialisation
  • Policy development and implementation in research and innovation
  • Support for the implementation of government initiatives
  • Support for partnership working with other public sector organisations, the busines sector and charities
  • Specialist expertise to support new initiatives
  • Accessing funding
  • Guidance in the formation of special purpose vehicles to manage innovation development and commercialisation
  • Education and training in (i) leadership and management and (ii) research and innovation


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