Organisations or companies with a corporate interest in medical and health related research, innovation or commercialisation

Issues associated with research, innovation and commercialisation are often sector specific, for example there would be significant differences in approach between the food processing sector and the renewable energy sector.

In Harper Keeley we have extensive experience in the medical and healthcare sector both in the UK and internationally.


.What we offer

  • Advice on research management and the evaluation of research quality
  • Advice on the assessment of research impact
  • The assessment of new innovative ideas
  • We have experience in the development of a wide range of innovations, including medical devices, biomedical products, patient management toolkits and training materials.
  • We can advise on the development and business plans necessary to take an innovation from the idea stage to the development of a product which is market ready.
  • The formulation of collaboration agreements between the organisations involved in the creation and development of the innovation
  • The development of an Intellectual Property strategy (which includes the optimum time to protect the Intellectual Property Rights) and the most appropriate form of protection and identify the appropriate professionals to do this.
  • Setting up and managing spinout companies for the development of technologies and as a vehicle to obtain outside investment if required.
  • A network of colleagues who deal with the regulatory processes required to obtain CE marking for medical device technologies.
  • We will deal with enquiries from funding organisations eg NIHR with regard to Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Access to sources of investment for medical device, biomedical products and medical data innovations
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