Professor Michael Smith BSc, MSc, PhD, DSc, CPhys, CSci, FInstKT, FBIR, FIPSM, FInstP

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Mike Smith is currently an Emeritus Professor of Medical Science having had forty years experience in research and innovation in medicine and health, in the general area of non-invasive diagnostic and investigative techniques. This includes bone mineral measurement for osteoporosis, magnetic resonance imaging, diagnostic image analysis and terahertz imaging and analysis.

Over the past fifteen years, his knowledge and experience of research and innovation has extended beyond medicine and health, encompassing nanoscience, engineering, informatics, design and business systems. He presents internationally and has published extensively, with over 180 peer reviewed publications.

In addition he has over twenty-five years experience in the commercialisation and knowledge transfer of medical and health innovations, particularly the exploitation and commercialisation of research, working with both large corporations and SMEs. He has held a number of patents and formed a number of companies, mostly in the medical sector.

He has experience working with government departments and has served on a number of National Committees including: RAE Panel Member on two occasions; NHS Central R&D Committee for ten years; MRC Medical Advisory Board for eight years; NHS New and Emerging Applications of Technology (NEAT) and i4i Advisory Board for over ten years; NHS R&D Standing Group on Health Technology Assessment; and DTI Foresight Taskforce on Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices.

Since ceasing full time employment he has been a partner at Harper Keeley LLP and continues to provide expert advice and support in research and innovation, leadership training and serves on a number of Boards as Chair, Non-Executive Director or Trustee.


BSc Physics, University of Bristol, 1973   

MSc Medical Physics, University of Aberdeen, 1974

PhD Faculty of Medicine, University of Edinburgh, 1978

DSc Faculty of Medicine, University of Edinburgh, 2007


Professional Societies and Awards

Founder's Prize 1983 - Hospital Physicist's Association              

Elected Fellow 1987 - Institute of Physical Sciences in Medicine

Chartered Physicist 1991 - Institute of Physics                          

Elected Fellow 1991 - Institute of Physics

President 1997 - British Institute of Radiology

Registered Clinical Scientist 1998 - Council of Healthcare Professionals

Chartered Scientist 2004 - Science Council

Awarded Fellowship 2006 - British Institute of Radiology

Chair and Elected Fellow 2012 - Institute of Knowledge Transfer

Awarded Fellowship 2014 - Royal Society of Arts



Lothian Health Board and University of Edinburgh 1974 – 1983

Research Associate, Basic Physicist, Senior Physicist and Honorary Lecturer, Department of Medical Physics and Medical Engineering, 

Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and Western General Hospital


University of Edinburgh and Lothian Health Board 1983 – 1986

MRC Funded Principal Physicist and Honorary Fellow in MRI, Department of Medical Physics and Medical Engineering and Department of Medical Radiology, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary


M&D Technology Ltd, Aberdeen 1984 – 1986

Scientific Director         


University of London, Medical School of Guy's and St. Thomas's Hospitals  1986 –1989

Senior Lecturer, Division of Radiological Sciences

Director of Clinical Physics and Bioengineering, Guy's Hospital

University of Leeds and Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust 1989 – 2003

Professor and Head of University Department of Medical Physics

Director of NHS Department of Medical Physics

Director of Research School of Medicine and Health

R&D Director and Trust Board Member        

Regional Scientific Officer, Yorkshire Regional Health Authority      

Acting Dean and Head of Resource Centre, School of Medicine

Founder and Co-Director of the Centre of Medical Imaging Research

Dean of Research, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology and Health

Director of NHS Research and Development

University of Teesside 2003 – 2006

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research and Enterprise


Sheffield Hallam University 2006 – 2012

Pro Vice Chancellor, Research and Knowledge Transfer 


Advisory and Professional

Throughout my career I have participated in local, national and international activities which impact on policy or decisions.  I am therefore am well connected with many governmental agencies and departments and am called upon to advise and help develop policy in a number of areas. Selected highlights include:

Member of the NHS Central Research and Development Committee (1995 - 2001)

Member of NHS R&D Standing Group on Health Technology Assessment and Chair of Diagnostic and Imaging Panel (1995 -2001) 

Member of MRC Medical Advisory Board (1995 -2003)

HEFCE Research Assessment Exercise, DoH Assessor for UoA1 in 1996

President of the British Institute of Radiology in its centenary year (1997-1998)

Member of the Safety & Efficacy Register of New Interventional Procedures (1997 - 2000)

Member of the NHS R&D Advisory Board on New and Emerging Applications of Technology (NEAT) - now i4i (1998 - 2010)

Member of EPSRC Research Evaluation Panel (1999)

Member of the DTI Foresight Taskforce on Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices (1999 - 2000)

External advisor for CLRC National Programme and one of the leads of the bid through the comprehensive spending review process (2000 - 2002)

HEFCE Research Assessment Exercise - Panel Member for UoA1 in 2001

Member of RAE Cancer and Neuroscience Sub-panels 2001. 

Chair of DH NHS New Technology Platform Grant Panel (2007 - 2009)

Member of the NHIR Invention for Innovation (i4i) Product Development Awards Selection Panel (2010 - present)

Board member of the first joint Fraunhofer Centre, in high power impulse magnetron spluttering). (2010 - 2012)

Chair of the Institute of Knowledge Transfer (2012 - 2015)



I have thirty five years experience in research, with over 180 peer reviewed publications, in the general area of non-invasive investigative techniques in medicine. Over the past fifteen years, my experience of research and innovation has extended beyond medicine and health and encompassed nanoscience, informatics, design and business. Full details of published peer reviewed papers, patents and grant income can be viewed below.


My list of publications contains the published output of my research and includes refereed papers, books, chapters in books and patent applications. In the field in which I work, refereed papers associated with certain conference proceedings are considered as a source of quality research publication and these have been included. My publication list does not include abstracts, presentations at conferences, articles in trade magazines, commercial publications, book reviews, un-refereed reports and papers submitted for publication though not yet accepted.


The list is arranged by the following research areas in the order of my first publication in that particular field:


Bone Mineral Measurement                    

Nuclear Medicine                   


Magnetic Resonance Imaging                          

Body Composition Measurement            

Photodynamic Therapy                                    

Evidence Based Medicine                        

Terahertz Imaging and Sensing                       

Innovation and Business                       

Innovation, Commercialisation and Economic Development

I have over twenty five years experience in technology transfer of medical and health technologies, particularly the exploitation and commercialisation of research, working with both large corporations and SMEs. I have formed a number of medical device related companies and have been a non-executive director of more than a dozen spin-out and start-up companies.

Seconded as part-time Scientific Director to a medical imaging company (M&D Technology). I was subcontracted by Venture Capitalists (Prutec), who were funding the company in order to radically redesign and restructure the MRI system which was being developed. I was then part of the team which negotiated the sale of the company to an American Healthcare conglomerate. (1985-1986)

Advisor to Philips Medical Systems and Philips Medical (US) for the development of high field MRI and vascular angiography (1986-1989) and cardiac MRI (1995-2003). This Resulted in substantial income plus indirect financial support to the University in the form of state of the art equipment and support staff. 

Spun-out knowhow and IP from my University Department in 1991, to form a company which produces devices for minimal invasive surgery. The company (Surgical Innovations) is now highly successful. 

Advisor to a medical devices company, with which my research group received a SMART award, and part of negotiating team to sell the company (1998 – 2002)

Consultancy advice to small companies, hospitals, and higher education institutions on organisational development and process re-engineering, particularly associated with the provision of scientific services and the development of medical devices. (1998 – 2003)

Know-how arising from research in my Academic Department resulted in a product which was made in-house and sold commercially (turnover ~ £300k/annum in 1999). I negotiated a license agreement with a commercial company to manufacture and market the product.  (2000 - 2001)

I was one of the leads of a £15m project for the 2002 UK government comprehensive spending review, with Office of Science and Technology in conjunction with the CLRC (Central Laboratory Research Council), concerning investment of Science in the North of England at Daresbury. (2000 - 2002)

Founder and Chair of MedIPeX, a company to commercialise IP arising from the health sector. Won 'Young Company of the Year' in 2006 and 'Innovation Champion' in 2008. (2003 - present)

Strategic lead and Chairman of ‘DigitalCity’ a regional economic development initiative (first round funding £10m). This was a project to exploit the expertise and skill-base in digital technology and digital media in the University in order to support regional regeneration.  2003-2005

Strategic lead and Chairman of Northern Region Film and Television Archive (NRFTA) a newly formed CLG with charitable status which supported a specialised archive facility to store film media. (2004 - 2006)

Chair of Biosystems Informatics Institute (Bii) which was a company limited by guarantee and a charitable Trust. It also has two trading subsidiaries undertaking commercial activity. This organisation received funding of >£5m from the DTI and RDA.

Creation of a joint Fraunhofer Centre in the field of HIPIMS developing new technology to deposit nano layers on surfaces for commercial applications. 

External advisor to investment funds in the medical and healthcare sector; (i) Synergix 2014 – 2015 and (ii) Intermedi Group (IMG). 2017 – present.


External Board Membership

I have held number Non-Executive Director positions in the private and public sector and a Trustee in the charitable sector

Trustee, Leeds General Infirmary Special Trustees. 1993 - 1999

Chair of Trustees, British Institute of Radiology. 1997 - 1998

Non-Executive Director, Molecular Solutions, a University spin-off company, which developed vectors and gene therapy techniques. 1998 – 2003

Non-Executive Director, Medilink. This company is supported by the DTI and is concerned with Technology Transfer in the Medical Device area. 2001 – 2003

Founder, Chair and Non-Executive Director of Medipex, a company to commercialise IP emerging from the health sector. 2003 - present

Non-Executive Director, UTEL. University of Teesside Company to commercialise innovations. 2003 – 2006

Non-Executive Director, VRCentre @ Teeside Ltd. University vehicle for commercial ventures in Visualisation and Virtual Reality. 2003 – 2004

Founder, Chair and Non-Executive Director of Northern Region Film and Television Archive. 2004 -2006.

Non-Executive Director, RTC North, a company to commercialise IP and ‘know-how’ and support business development.  2004 - 2006

Non-Executive Director, Turbinia Enterprises Ltd. The company is the commercial trading arm of the Biosystems Informatics Institute. 2005 – 2007 

Chair and Non-Executive Director, South Durham and Teesside Strategic Health Authority and Chair of its Audit Committee (2004 - 2005)

Non-Executive Director, Strange Agency, a company which provides an analysis of new games scenarios to the computer games sector.  2005 – 2006

Non-Executive Director of the ARC, the Stockton Arts Centre. 2006 - 2006 

Non-Executive Director, South Tees University Hospital NHS Trust. 2006 - 2007

Chair and Non-Executive Director, Sheffield Hallam Innovation Enterprises (SHINE), University Company to commercialise innovations. 2007 - 2012

Non-Executive Director, SHEAF Innovations; a company to manufacture antibodies. 2008- 2012

Chair and Non-Executive Director, Kanyekanye; a social enterprise company limited by guarantee. 2008 - 2010

Creation of a joint Fraunhofer Centre in the field of HIPIMS developing new technology to deposit nano layers on surfaces for commercial applications. 2009 - 2012

Non-Executive Director of Graduates Yorkshire; a company to develop graduate employment. 2011 – 2013

Chairman, Non-Executive Director and Trustee, AgeUK Sheffield. 2011 - 2017

Non-executive Director and Trustee, Wigtown Book Festival. 2013 - present

Non-Executive Director, Synergix; an investment fund to support innovations in the medical sector. 2014 -2015

Associate Non-Executive Director and Chair of Quality Committee, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, 2015 - 2018

Chair of Advisory Board of Intermedi Group (IMG), an investment fund in the medical and healthcare sectordi Group. 2017 – present.


External Grant Income

Summary: Awarded grant value per quinquennium:

1980 – 1984   £131,000

1985 – 1989   £278,000

1990 – 1994   £4,766,000

1995 – 1999   £4,680,000

2000 – 2004   £17,769,000

2005 – 2009   £18,562,000

Grants have often been awarded in collaboration with academic, clinical or commercial colleagues. Not included are: major charitable fundraising schemes (eg for £1.5m for MRI in 1995/6) or significant investment funding raised for spin-off companies (for reasons of confidentiality). 

Since 2000, awarded grants have not only been in research but also in innovation, knowledge transfer and business. In addition I have been involved with, and supported, many more successful external funding initiatives at an institutional level; however, I have only included here the funding income which has been obtained in a competitive environment and where I have been a co-applicant or, more usually, the lead applicant



During my professional career I ceased keeping a note of my many presentations and keynote lectures in the 1980s. The button below will list my presentations since 2010 and in the near future will also allow access to the content of the presentations that are not restricted for reasons of confidentiality.   

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