Individuals, companies, organisations developing a specific technological or scientific innovation

Taking an innovation from an idea to a marketable product requires a number of steps involving different skill sets and expertise.  For many individuals and organisations this prospect is daunting because it is outside of their expertise.  We have experience of working with individual innovators and, in many cases their employing organisations, to support the actual transition from a research project to the development and production of a commercial product.

What we can offer

  • Assessment of the potential of an innovation 
  • Analysis of the evidence associated with the efficacy and effectiveness of the innovation
  • Review of IP situation and opportunities
  • Recommendation of the likely routes to market (licensing or spin-out)
  • Advice about and routes into funding opportunities and investment
  • Creation and registration of start-up company to create a product, with associated governance, and provision of company secretary support.
  • Creation and management of spinout venture to manage IP and as a vehicle to obtain outside investment if required.
  • Broker arrangements between individuals and employer organisation based on examples of best practice  
  • A network of associates and partner organisations which can provide highly specialised support (for example dealing with sector specific regulatory processes required to obtain CE).
  • (i)Provision of advice and support to the inventors and their employer for the commercialisation of a new techniques for the management of respiratory disease (client details confidential); (ii) Provision of support to a company limited by guarantee (Medipex) for a subsidiary to develop an innovation having received investment
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