Organisations, semi-autonomous national regions and countries which recognise the need for leadership and management development associated with innovation

For innovation to flourish it is necessary to have a vibrant and supportive culture in an organisation combined with effective management processes. Courses exist to support specialist skills development for individuals in areas such as technology transfer, and many individuals in organisations attend on an individual basis.

We recognise that, in addition, there is a need for leadership development in innovation and research which seeks to develop the culture change necessary to create an impact.

In this area we have work with the UK Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, the Government of Kazakhstan, and the Government of India


What we offer

  • Intensive courses for senior staff in organisations who have leadership or management responsibility.
  • The courses are modular in nature, and can include a work problem based project, and are tailors to the clients needs. Ideally each module would last about 3 days, though shorter courses can be provided.
  • The courses are interactive and cover general aspects of leadership and management including for example: styles of leadership, managing change, conflict management and transition management.
  • The courses contain components which are relevant to leadership in the area of innovation including for example: improving research quality, generating funding and investment, evelopment of science/business parks, entrepreneurialism and creating start-up ventures.
  • In addition, residential and international visits can be arranged to demonstrate examples of good practice at an organizational level or associated with a specific innovation sector (eg manufacturing, renewable energy)
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